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Community Engagement by Black Liaison Officer

In discussing his multifaceted role, Celestine emphasized the Black Liaison Officer position’s diverse responsibilities, including engaging with students, collaborating with community organizations, and overseeing various programs.

He underscored the overarching goal of the Black Liaison Officer program, emphasizing the need to establish connections and the city’s Black community. Celestine emphasized the importance of cultivating meaningful partnerships with relevant community organizations to achieve this objective. His approach involves both supporting existing community initiatives and creating new initiatives that can have a lasting positive impact on the community. This includes addressing safety concerns with troubled youths and parents, discussing safety issues with women’s groups, promoting employment opportunities to cultural groups, conducting workshops, and collaborating with organizations like ProAction Cops and Kids to organize youth sports programs.

Celestine played a pivotal role in organizing the recent Black History Month event for the Service, recognizing the significance of celebrating Black history as an integral part of Canadian and global history. He stressed the importance of acknowledging the contributions of various races and debunking historical narratives that often omit these contributions.

In addition to his community engagement efforts, Celestine actively contributed to youth development through initiatives like a citywide basketball program and a forthcoming workshop providing hands-on experience in the skilled trades. Recognizing the underrepresentation of minorities in these fields, he aims to offer young people opportunities to explore careers in the trades.

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